Join a Member Meeting

Every Thursday from 4-5:30pm, SEJ hosts students from the Greater New Haven area in our weekly Thursday member meeting. At our weekly Thursday meetings, you can find us all gathered in a circle, discussing social issues, cracking jokes, and eating food. At SEJ, we take pride in the fact that, despite dealing with such heavy topics at our meetings, we can still find a way to create a warm and welcoming community of friendship. SEJ members have the opportunity to engage in our leadership pipeline. In order to become members of the leadership team, young people must 1) have been members for at least 2 months, 2) participate in an intensive organizing training, and 3) go through our 3-month internship program.

Join an SOS Campaign Team

“Students over SRO’s” (S.O.S) is a campaign to remove school resource officers from schools and replace them with mental health professionals. As the people most affected by educational inequities, our members are at the forefront of this fight. Join one of our S.O.S campaign teams:

  • Research team
  • Outreach team
  • Tactics/Models team

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Member Reflections

Brycyn, SEJ Organizer (2019 – Present)

My name is Brycyn! I am a high school student in New Haven. I am an Organizer on the SEJ leadership team. Being a part of SEJ, I’ve been able to attend many events and conferences such as the Youth Leadership Institute(YLI) conference at Babson college and the Black Lives Matter Youth Conference at the Schomburg Center. In the near future, I hope to finish school and pursue a career in music. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and reading. I also like to play video games and create and edit videos. I hope to one day build a platform with enough influence to inform people about youth-led organizations like SEJ.

Stephanie, Fall 2019 Intern and SEJ Organizer 2020-21

I’m Stephanie, I am in the 11th grade. I have been a member of SEJ for 2 years and I am excited to help the org work towards racial and educational justice in CT. I recently completed my internship cycle for SEJ; I attend meetings and work very closely with the team. I have been involved in various activities with SEJ, including party and fundraiser planning, a research group for Public Act 19-12, outreach and recruitment efforts, and I have also helped plan weekly meetings. I am currently on the Nellie Mae Advisory board and another advisory group committee with SERC. I recently began a Child Growth & Development course at Gateway. When I’m not at SEJ, I love creative writing and dancing. In the future I want to continue educating others by becoming a teacher.

Syed, Spring 2020 Intern

My name is Syed! As a member of SEJ, I attended the Culturally Responsive Education Conference at NYU Metro Center, Black Lives Matter Teen Conference at the Schomburg, SEJ intensive training, and I am a part of the research team for Public Act 19-12. Outside of SEJ, I am on a robotics team, I am a part of the Yale Urban Debate League, and I am the captain of our school debate team. I am also in the Advanced Debate Institution, High school Democrats of America, my school’s math team, a book club, and I’m the president of my sophomore class. In the future, I am interested in pursuing an education in law and politics, but I am also interested in engineering and STEM related careers.